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Sec 2 & Sec 3 STAR Gabrielite Camp 2017 2017-02-13
Below are the contact person and number for the following STAR Gabrielite Camp 2017:
Sec 2 Camp Commandant: Mr Alvin Goh
Contact Number: 81600732
Sec 3 Camp Commandant: Mr Joshua Leong
Contact Number: 81600731
2017 Sec 1 Camp@Sentosa 2017-02-10

SecOneCamp@Sentosa contact numbers :

  • 6257 4427 (Office)
  • 8518 3012 (Mobile)

Contact Person : Ms Trudy or Mr Fendi


2017 E-Learning Day on 17th Feb 2017-02-08

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Click here to view the letter regarding e-learning day on 17th Feb 2017.


Snack Break for Students 2017-02-07

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please click here to view the school letter regarding snack break for students.


2017 Term 1 Revised Timetable 2017-02-07

Dear parents and students of the following classes, please be informed that there has been some minor updates in the timetable for your class. This will take effect from 6 Feb 2017.

The classes affected are 1T1, 2E1, 2T1, 3T1, 5N1 and 5N2.

You may also access the timetable online at sgss.edupage.org. The timetables for the affected classes are reproduced here for your easy reference. Click here to view the revised timetable for affected classes only.

Thank you.
Lin Ganfeng
Timetabling Committee

1st CCA Training Session for Sec 1s 2017-01-19

This 1st CCA training session is for Sec 1 students. Click here to view the schedule.


2017 Workshops & Dialogue Sessions for Sec 1 Parents 2017-01-12

Dear Parents,

The school warmly welcome your son/ward to be part of the Gabrielite Family. As your son/ward is transiting into secondary school life, the school has planned a series of workshops cum dialogues to ease both parent and child into the new arena. We have received positive feedback about these workshops from many parents and we strongly encourage you to take time to attend as many of the following workshops as possible:



Conducting Agency




You matter (Welcome Night)


13th Jan (Fri)

6.30pm – 9.30pm


Managing changes in Sec 1

Leading arrow

14th Jan (Sat)

9.00am – 11.00 am


2017 Kick off meeting cum Lo Hei


10th Feb (Fri)

7.30am – 9.30 am


Cyber Wellness Workshop

Touch Community

10th Feb (Fri)

10.00am – 12.00pm


If you are interested to attend any of these workshops, kindly register online via this url: http://pol8.qr.ai
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Pei Pei the school family matters coordinator at peipei2727@gmail.com


2016 GCE O Level Results 2017-01-12

We rejoice with the 2016 cohort of Gabrielites who received their GCE O Level results.
A large 95.5% of our Sec 4 Express students are eligible for Polytechnic courses, while 60.8% have 2-year A Level Junior College options. These students have obtained better results than the previous cohort in almost every subject.

..... Click here to continue reading.

Important CCA Information for Sec 1 2017-01-09
1. Work flow for CCA Allocation Process for Sec 1 pupils
3. LEAPS 2.0 explained
4. FAQ
2017 OBS Info Kit and Registration Form 2017-01-03

Click on the link below to view the information and registration form:

1) OBS Youth Information Kit

2) OBS Registration Form