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2016 GCE O Level Results

We rejoice with the 2016 cohort of Gabrielites who received their GCE O Level results.
A large 95.5% of our Sec 4 Express students are eligible for Polytechnic courses, while 60.8% have 2-year A Level Junior College options. These students have obtained better results than the previous cohort in almost every subject.

In particular, 5 subjects had 100% passes:
    • Tamil Language, 
    • Additional Mathematics, 
    • Literature,
    • Biology and 
    • Art.
These are the best results over the past 5 years. 

Principles of Accounts and Chemistry (SPA) also had the best results over the past 5 years with 40.9% and 67.3% distinctions respectively.

Other subjects where about 1 in 2 students scored a distinction are:
    • Science (Biology/Chemistry) 40%
    • Biology (SPA) 44.4% 
    • Additional Mathematics 44.4%
    • Mathematics 46.9%
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry) 50.4%

Our Sec 5 Normal Academic students also did well.
Almost every subject performed better than National averages as well as the previous cohort, with half of all the subjects with 100% passes:
    • Malay and Tamil Languages,
    • Design & Technology,
    • Literature,
    • Additional Mathematics,
    • Art,
    • Principles of Accounts.

While 16% of of our Sec 5 students qualified for JC, a whooping 77.4% have polytechnic options, the best progression rates in 3 years.

These results bring cheer to our hearts as we celebrate with them and wish them successes not only in studies but in life, living the values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Care, in all they do as they lead through serving others.

We thank our teachers, parents, Alumni and SMC for their relentless support, guidance and blessings
as we journeyed together with them to "Be The Best"!

Once a Gabrielite, Always a Gabrielite!