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2016 N Level Results

19 Dec 2016

Today, we are happy to release the 2016 GCE N Level results to our Sec 4 NA and NT students.

For our NT cohort, Mathematics and CPA had better than National percentages of Distinctions and Passes, and both indicators are the best in the past 3 years.
We had 100% passes for Basic Tamil and Basic Chinese, while English Language had the best percentage distinctions in the past 3 years.

Our NA cohort have the best results in Passes for the past 3 years for almost every subject.
Almost all our subjects had better than National averages for both passes and distinctions.
While AMaths, Art, D&T, EL, Literature, Malay, POA had 100% passes, we celebrate with a staggering 81.8% distinction for POA, 60% for D&T, 50% for Maths, 52% for AMaths, the highest in the past 5 years!

We are indeed happy for and with our students as they make their way forward in their education.

We give thanks to our teachers, support staff, parents, old boys and SMC who gave of themselves for these young Gabrielites to achieve successes.

Labour Omnia Vincit
(Labour Conquers All)