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WA1 Schedule 2023 2023-01-27

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Information for Release of O Level Results 2023-01-13

Dear parents,

Click here to access briefing slides.

Do take note of all the application dates and submit the online form to indicate your plans for 2023 and beyond.

  • Compulsory to submit: Plans for 2023 and Beyond
  • Optional: Invitation to sing up as Alumni Tutor, and Old Boy's Association (OBA)

In addition, do indicate if you would like to serve as an Alumni Tuor for 2023's graduating cohort.

If any student would like to apply to repeat 4E or 5Na, please look for your FTs for discussion.

It has been a great journey with all of you. Thank you and please take care! All the best to your future endeavours!


Once a Gabrielite, Always a Gabrielite!



School Magazine 2022 2022-11-21

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

An e-copy of the School Magazine 2022 has been shared with all students via a link on their PLD homepage. The graduating cohort of 2022 will receive a hardcopy of the School Magazine on the day of the release of their GCE 'N' and 'O' Level results respectively.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!


GCE O-Level Results Release: Supporting Our Gabrielites

Dear parents, 

The O-Level results will be released on 12 January 2023, 2pm. Gabrielites will be required to report to the school hall by 1.30pm in school uniform and proper hairdo to receive their results. We will begin sharing important information from 1.40pm onwards.

Regardless of the outcome, it is important for our Gabrielites to know that they are loved for who they are, and that their grades do not define them or their future. The social and emotional support you provide will be especially valuable and crucial in helping them manage their emotions and be positive when deciding on their next course of action. 

Do take this opportunity to have further open conversations with your son about his interests and choices, and build his pathway together.
For more resources on providing social and emotional support, affirming your son, and supporting your son’s transition through post O-Level education, please refer to: https://go.gov.sg/selresforparents. You and your son may also wish to refer to the What’s Next pamphlet (https://go.gov.sg/whats-next-olevel) and available ECG resources on the MySkillsFuture Student Portal (https://go.gov.sg/MySFSec). 

For ECG counselling services, students may see our ECG Counsellor, Mr. Benjamin Png from St. Gabriel’s Secondary Schools or make an appointment with him on 12 January 2023. He will be available in our school AVA Room on 12 January 2023, and online on 13 January 2023 (by appointments only). 

Alternatively, you may contact the ECG Centre @ MOE (Grange Road) for online or phone counselling appointments from now to 21 January 2023 via 

We encourage all Gabrielites to return to their schools to collect their results. However, if your son is unable to return to school, he may view his results online. The guide on accessing the Candidates Portal (https://myexams.seab.gov.sg) can be found at: https://go.gov.sg/2j0grx

Please refer to the attached information sheet for more tips and resources on supporting your son. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise for Students - Information

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Click here to view the Parent Kit on Student Vaccination Exercise

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