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Emergency Drill (Update) 2020-02-06

Dear Parents / Guardian


1. We wish to inform you that our School will be conducting an emergency drill on Friday, 14th February 2020 between 9.00 am to 11.00 am. This emergency drill aims to train the staff and students to be prepared for any emergency in the school premises and to be familiar with the safety and evacuation procedures. We will only continue with the "emergency lock down phase" in school to familiarize the boys on the drill when there is a security incident in school. The familiarization walk from our school to the designated holding area will be postponed in view of the Novel Coronavirus situation.

2. We appreciate if you could take time to reinforce our teaching on the importance of safety with your child, not only in the context of the School but also as a nation that every Singaporean should be vigilant and be prepared for any emergency.

3. Please note that normal curriculum resumes after the emergency drill.

4. If you need further clarifications, please contact the School Vice-Principal (Administration) Mr. Aaron Chia at Tel: 62889470.

Importance Notice on Coronavirus Situation 2020-01-28

Dear Parents, 

As school re-opens on 29 Jan 2020, MOE will be enhancing precautionary measures, including daily temperature taking, to ensure that our schools remain a safe and healthy learning environment.  

Personal Responsibility

Please ensure your son brings an Oral Digital Thermometer to school from 29 Jan onwards. 

As this is a personal responsibility of all students, we will require students without their personal Oral Digital Thermometers to purchase one or return home to retrieve one before he can be allowed to continue with the day’s curriculum.

While teachers actively look out for students’ well-being, please ensure your son practises good personal hygiene and social responsibility. You should take your son to the doctor if he is unwell and we would appreciate it that you keep your son at home until he recovers.  

Leave of Absence for Students Returning from China

If your son has returned from mainland China on 15 Jan or later, he will be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) for a period of 14 days, starting from the first day after return. For example, if your son returns to Singapore on 28 Jan (Tue), the LOA would last from 29 Jan to 11 Feb, with the date of return to school being 12 Feb (Wed). 

To view LOA, please click here.

Students on LOA will be supported by home-based learning assigned by the school.  If you have any queries, you can contact your son’s Form Teachers, or email us at stgss@moe.edu.sg or call us at 62889470.

For updates on the coronavirus situation, you can visit moh.gov.sg or sign up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp to receive the latest information via Whatsapp. We will keep you updated on school measures and education related notifications.


Stephen Chin


Pope's Video of January 2020 2020-01-06

Click here to watch our Pope's video of January 2020 so that we can unite and help pray the pope’s monthly intentions.


CCA Matters 2020-01-09

CCA LEAPS 2.0 Briefing Slides for Parents

Click here to view the CCA LEAPS 2.0 Briefing Slides for Parents.



Locker Rental Application 2019-12-31
Dear Parents,

Locker rental application is now opened. 

Locker rental is priced at SGD36 for one (1) academic year, until October 31st. 

If lockers are renewed for a subsequent year(s) before locker expires on October 31st, locker rental is priced at SGD30 each. 

Only small lockers are available. 

Rental Procedure:

To rent a locker, please go to the following site:


1. Select school (St. Gabriel's Secondary School) from the drop list

2. Register for an account (create username & password for new users)

3. Pay online (eNets with credit/debit cards)

4. Users can log in online after 4 working days to check on their locker number and combination code. 

Instructions to operate the padlock and lockers can be found once the user logs in.

Thank you!

Parent Gateway 2019-07-23

Click here to view the Parent Gateway Onboarding Letter.

Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students 2020-01-08

Click here to view the Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students.


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