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Principal's Message

Mr Shawn Lim (Principal).jpgPrincipal
Mr. Shawn Lim

Welcome to St Gabriel’s Secondary School! A well-established school founded in 1953, St. Gabriel’s Secondary is an all-boys founded by St Louis de Montfort. St. Gabriel’s Secondary has inspired generations of Gabrielites into gentlemen of sound values with a heart to serve the community and nation.

Lon Watters, an artist, aptly sums up the purpose of schools. He said that “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”.  Indeed, at St Gabriel’s Secondary, these four walls represent the foundation of our education- Godliness, Character, Knowledge and Purpose. ‘Tomorrow’ is ever changing. However, these four pillars that equip Gabrielites with the right mindset and skillset to adapt to this future remain immutable

Besides developing strong academic programmes to prepare Gabrielites with knowledge that opens up choices to post secondary education, we believe in providing Gabrielites with experiences that nurture character and leadership qualities. Our Learning for Life Programme develops students at every level with both broad-based and specialised leadership training and opportunities. As servant leaders, Gabrielites lead through service to the community and the promotion of a green environment.  Our signature Applied Learning Programme on Flight and Aerospace offers students a real life experience in the aviation industries and nurtures lifelong leaning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). This allows students to discover their strengths and interests, so as pursue their dreams.

Through our curriculum and co-curriculum programmes, as well as our Values-in-action activities, Gabrielites develop a sense of purpose in life, anchored in values. Within the school, the Gabrielite spirit fosters a sense of loyalty to school and fellow Gabrielites. Us Gabrielites play hard and work hard, and when times are tough, our helping hands are always outreached to our brothers in need.  This sense of purpose extends into the community as Gabrielites serve the elderly and the less privileged.

Above all, Gabrielites grow in godliness by walking in love and in good works. Through morning devotions and masses, Gabrielites understand how to walk right in life – thinking rightly and acting rightly – so as to be a positive influence to friends and family. Even when no one is watching, Gabrielites will make the right choice and decision.

A school is a microcosm of society that nurtures each and every student and prepares them for life. A Gabrielite who grows in Godliness, Character, Knowledge and Purpose will become gentlemen of service to God and nation.

Gabrielites, you are our tomorrow and we are privileged to be part of your present as you journey in life.

God bless,

Mr. Shawn Lim