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St. Gabriel's Foundation

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Establishment of the SGF

It was established in 2001 to govern, manage and administer the schools and institutions currently under the Brothers of St. Gabriel in Singapore and any other such establishment as may be determined by the Foundation from time to time.

The main object of the foundation is to do such work as to help people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, and to educate and assist our children and youth that they may grow as persons.

Our Mission

To provide educational and welfare opportunities in a creative and sustained manner that develop the fullness of the human persons according to their God-given potential.

Our Vision

We are the catalyst for a people fully developed and fully alive to their own dignity as part of humanity.

Our Motto

Labor Omnia Vincit (Work Conquers All)

“Labor Omnia Vincit” is a Latin motto which stands for “Labour conquers all things”.
Hard work embodied in diligence and perseverance leads one to achieve greater things in life.
It can thus be said that in whatever you do, do your best.

Our Values



Person-oriented such that each person is treated with dignity and respect

Services are provided by a people who are committed to and caring for the least among us

To live with gratitude for the gifts received from God, and to be good stewards in actualizing the gifts given



To explore better opportunities for an effective response to develop the person

To develop programmes on the basis of self-reliance

To encourage the ability to choose and to make free, responsible and quality choices in life for good of all
Nurture persons who are able to endure and survive in the face of adversity, and to take on challenges in life

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