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Design and Technology

Teachers in Design and Technology

  1. Mr. Mark Low (HOD)
  2. Mr. Lin Ganfeng (YH)
  3. Mr. Joseph Ng
  4. Mr. Mohd Fazlin (SH Student Service & Leadership)
  5. Ms. Ivy Tan (SH (INT) Student Support) 
  6. Mr. Imran (AED)
  7. Mr. Mohd Zaid (TSO)
  8. Mdm Tay Bee Suan (TSO)


The Gabrielite Design Model

The Gabrielite Design Model.PNG

Explore           Experience            Experiment

Design situations
Design situations.jpg

Explore           Experience            Experiment

Design & Tech - 1.jpg

Design & Tech - 4.jpg
Design & Tech - 2.jpg

Design & Tech - 5.jpg
Design & Tech - 3.jpg

Design & Tech - 6.jpg

Explore           Experience            Experiment

Design & Tech - 7.jpg

Design & Tech - 10.jpg
Design & Tech - 8.jpg Design & Tech - 9.jpg

Design & Tech - 11.jpg

Connect & Create

Design & Tech - 12.jpg

Design & Tech - 15.jpg
Design & Tech - 13.jpg

Design & Tech - 16.jpg
Design & Tech - 14.jpg

Design & Tech - 17.jpg

Level Learning Experiences
Secondary Two
PBL – Identify and solve problem using D&T Design process in D&T Design Folio.
Ideation and Design Appreciation 
Design Critique sessions
Hands on design and make – Mechanical Toy.
Understanding and Applications of technology – Structure and Mechanism
Secondary Three
PBL – Identify and solve problem using D&T Design process in D&T Design Folio.
Autodesk Inventor for 3D presentation drawing
Hands on design and make – Theme based Design project
Design Critique sessions
Peer coaching 
Visits and Learning Journeys – Observation and exploration immersive learning
Understanding and Applications of technology – Structure, Electronics and Mechanism
Secondary Four/Five 
Coursework based projects that lead to GCE examination - Design Process: 
Identify Design Situation, 
Design Statement / Specifications
Ideation / Refinement
Test and Evaluation.
Revisiting Technologies – Electronics, Mechanism and Structure