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Food and Consumer Education

Teachers in Food and Consumer Education
  1. Ms. Jane Han (SH CCE)
  2. Ms. Khairunnisa Ismail (Coordinator)
  3. Ms. Laura Huang
  4. Ms. Mary Magdalene Yong


Food and Consumer Education (FCE) equips students with relevant 21st century skills that prepare them to thrive in a future driven by globalisation and technological advancement. This subject serves to promote health consciousness among young people and encourage them to lead healthy and active lifestyle in the 21st century. In addition, students are equipped with knowledge and skills which helps them make informed decision.

Coursework develops in students the process skills of planning, execution, execution and competencies such as decision making and management of Information. Students learn to think critically by approaching problems with creative solutions and make decisions based on logical reasoning.

Food Consumer Model.png

Figure 1: Inquiry-Based Learning Model 
for Teaching of Food Consumer
As part of their coursework, Secondary 1 FCE students are involved in Applied Design and Service Learning (ADSL) programme which allow students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during FCE lessons to this Values-in-Action (VIA) programme.

Through these authentic learning programme, students are found to adopt a more conscientious attitude and at the same time more engaged as they find the acquisition of knowledge and skills more meaningful.

St. Gabriel Secondary School also participated in competitions organised by:
  1. Republic Polytechnic (Bizwellness Competition) 2017
  2. Nanyang Polytechnic (Swensens Ice Cream Competition) 2017

1st prize in Bizwellness.jpg
Our students awarded 1st prize in Bizwellness
1st prize in Swensens Ice Cream Competition.jpg
Our students awarded 1st prize in Swensens’ Ice Cream competition
Ice Cream with Red Velvet Putri Salat.jpg
The students ice cream creation, red velvet putri salat.

Pineapple Rice.jpg Pasta.jpg Glutinous Rice.jpg Dessert.jpg
Learning to prepare cook.jpg