Teachers in Music
  1. Mr. Ong Ting Kai (Coordinator)
  2. Ms. Grace Tan (FAJT)


The music unit believes that every child can learn and express themselves better through music. As such, the music programme in St. Gabriel’s Secondary School caters to all students in Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams. Students in the various streams are exposed to music from various genres and they have the opportunities to learn to play musical instruments use in mainstream culture. The various performance opportunities during school events nurture our young Gabrielites into a confident and outspoken gentleman who is capable of becoming a true servant leader in the school and to the community.

Lower Secondary Music Syllabus

The 2 years Lower Secondary Music Syllabus in St. Gabriel’s Secondary School is a progressive and intensive programme in which the school aim to nurture our boys into a confident gentleman. The curriculum in our school is planned in accordance to the latest MOE Framework of Teaching and Learning (updated September 2018) in which the five Learning Objectives are taught in an integrative manner. The teaching and learning of repertoire and culture (i.e LO4) and musical concepts (i.e LO5) should be woven into active musical experiences in the classroom (LO1, LO2, LO3).

Learning in the music room is always an enriching, engaging and fun-filled moments! While the learning of musical instruments could be based on the individual competency, students learn in an inclusive environment in which students are always placed in small groups. Through group learning, students are often engaged in group work, or cooperative learning. Also, group work enhances students’ communication skills in which they can evaluate and solve problems which arises during their practicing.


The curriculum for our Gabrielites aim at building listening and instrumental skills. Real-life, relevant and popular music is used to stimulate awareness on different music types and students learn to understand and recreate them in the music classroom. Secondary 1 students learn about basic music theory such as rhythms and time signature and apply it on the performance of the Cajon in a group setting. They will proceed on to the learning of chords progression on the guitar at a later stage. Secondary 2 students learn how to play the keyboard and compose Electronic music using sequencing software such as Garageband on the iPad. These musical skills are put to even better use when they have the opportunities to perform at school events such as Speech Day and recess time performance.


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