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Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Secondary Mathematics Department Webpage. As Mathematics educators, we strive to ensure that all students achieve a level of mastery in Mathematics that will serve them well in the future, where they can confidently use Mathematics to make informed decisions in their everyday activities so as to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

Our Vision and Mission

Every Gabrielite is a confident problem-solver who can effectively apply Mathematics in life.

To be a team of collaborative and reflective educators who provide engaging experiences for students to become confident problem-solvers

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All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition For Normal Course Students
This is an annual competition which is organised by Clementi Town Secondary school.

This competition allows the Normal Course students to stimulate greater interest and enrich their knowledge in Mathematics, and to provide an opportunity for them to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving competition questions.

The results for 2022 competition are as follows.

Lower Secondary Normal Academic Individual & Team Category (Certificate of Participation)
Ethan Tan from Secondary 2N1
Krishna Rai from Secondary 2N1

Lower Secondary Normal Technical Individual & Team Category (Certificate of Participation)
Abhisheik Nathaniel Samuel from Secondary 2T1
Derrick Ung Hao Jun from Secondary 2T1
Raykeshwarar from Secondary 2T1

Upper Secondary Normal Academic Individual & Team Category (Certificate of Participation)
Alphonsus Marius Watt from Secondary 3N1
Sudarshan S/O Sivakumar from Secondary 3N1
Zhu Tin Lok, Addison from Secondary 3N1

Upper Secondary Normal Technical Individual & Team Category (Certificate of Participation)
Gabriel Tan (Chen Zhongxuan) from Secondary 3T1

Principles of Accounts (POA)

POA is designed to provide our students with a meaningful basic introduction to finanial accounting and to develop an appreciation of the discipline of accounting.

1 To equip our students with strong fundamentals for future learning.
2 To provide the students with the tools to make real life financial decisions in the increasingly complex world of business.

External Competition – Annual Financial Literacy for Youths Race (FLY)

This competition is organized by Republic Polytechnic’s School of Management and Communication with Centre for Financial Literacy in the area of promoting financial literacy for youths.

This competition allows student to apply what they have learned in class. It also gives the students an opportunity to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in managing finances through exciting games and quizzes.

Computer Applications (CPA)

Our Vision and Mission

Technologically adept citizens

To develop and impart students with fundamental knowledge and skills to function and contribute effectively in an increasingly technologically driven world.

The syllabus includes the appreciation and use of software application packages for word processing, computer drawing and image editing, multimedia presentations and documents, spreadsheet calculations and charts, game design, programming; as well as, applications on the Internet.

The general aims of the syllabus are to enable students to:
(1) acquire skills in using a variety of application software and associated computer hardware to accomplish tasks, communicate, and facilitate activities;
(2) develop an awareness of how computing technology are used in the home, school, workplace and community;
(3) appreciate the role computers play in everyday life and recognise the impact computers have on society and people;
(4) develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Media Computing Competition held by MOE
Our students participate in the MEC Competition annually. Each school will select and submit one entry each from Sec 2 (Animation category) and Sec 3 (Gaming category). Candidates will use programming software to work on a given game scenario to demonstrate skills in selecting suitable background pictures and characters, creating scripts to animate characters, allowing user interaction through keyboard and/or mouse, as well as saving the work done.