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Mother Tongue


The Mother Tongue Languages Department provided courses for the learning of Chinese, Malay and Tamil language that catered to the needs of students from different levels and streams.

Head of Department: Mr. Clement See
Subject Head (CL): Ms. Pauline Teo

Teachers (Chinese Language Unit):
Mr. Lee Song Nian (Senior Teacher, CL)
Ms. Ren Junying
Ms. Peh Sok Hoon
Mr. Tai Mao Shen
Mr. Zhang Huasheng

Teachers (Malay Language Unit):
Mdm Noor Hayati Bte Mohamed Yusoff (Subject Head/Discipline)
Mdm Hasnah Hassan
Mdm Rose Fadillah Bte Aris

Teachers (Tamil Language Unit):
Mdm Krishnasamy Poongulali
Mdm Subhalakshmi Laksmanan
Ms. Mogana Devinthoran


Student learning outcomes to impact head, heart, hands
Enhance communication and language ability:
Students will be able to use both spoken and written Mother Tongue languages with ease to express, communicate and exchange ideas.

Enhance the understanding of Culture and cultivate moral values:
Students will be able to understand their culture, customs and tradition well and apart from appreciating it, will be able to explain these to others in the society. Students will cultivate good moral values.

Enhance the following 21st CC skills:
Cultural Skills;
Critical Thinking;
Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills


To achieve our goals, the department organises various programmes that enhance our students’ language skills. These programmes include the ‘MTL Intensive Revision Programme for Graduating Classes’, ‘Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme’ for our lower secondary students and ‘Structured Reading Programme’ for all levels.

The department also organises programmes and activities that provide opportunities to deepen our students’ understanding of their own culture and tradition and at the same time inculcate the importance of respecting others’ culture and tradition.

Some Programme highlights:

  1. Mother Tongue Fortnight
A variety of activities such as cultural performance, workshops and courses are organized by the three language units during the two weeks programme. Students from all levels and streams are involved in the activities organized.

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  1. Overseas School Twining Programme
The overseas twining programme with our China partner school provides opportunity to our students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture and language and at the same time foster friendship with students from our partner school.
Participants will take part in a 7-day overseas immersion programme which enable them to visit our twining school and visit historical sites and local attractions. They will also host our guests from the twining school in the following year.

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