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The Team

Name Designation
Mr. Ong Chin Ming
HOD Physical Education & CCA
Mr. Ivan Ng Rong YawSH Physical Educationng_rong_yaw@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Mohammad Zahed
HOD School Staff Developer
Mr. Damon Chu
Senior Teacher chu_kin_cheong@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Alvin Goh Teacher goh_toh_fook@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Joshua Leong Teacher leong_heng_wah@moe.edu.sg

Purpose of Physical Education
  • To enable students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

Main Outcome:
  • The secondary physical education programme aims to develop Confident Participants with positive self-efficacy who values the need for sustainability in an active, healthy lifestyle.

Learning in Movement (Hands):
  • To acquire a range of skills through participation in regular and varied physical education experiences.
Learning through Movement (Head & Heart):
  • To transfer knowledge to additional skills while continuing to refine existing ones as self-directed and independent learners.
  • To take responsibility for their own learning towards improved performance.
  • To develop respect of self and others and also a sense of responsibility towards their own well-being and their peers.
Learning about Movement (Head & Hands):
  • To plan, monitor and assess their physical fitness status.
  • To enjoy and value benefits of daily physical activities.

Physical Education Framework
Our PE syllabus is organised to achieve the goals of PE based on the framework below. At the apex is the purpose of PE, achieved through the seven learning areas to produce competent movers, confident participants and committed advocates.
Learning in affective areas and competencies for the 21st century are both the outcomes and enablers for the learning of physical education. Through a balanced and well-designed curriculum, delivered through effective pedagogies and purposeful assessment, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and values to pursue active and healthy lives.

Balanced Physical Education Curriculum.PNG


SGSS PE Syllabus
SGSS PE Syllabus focus on the movement skills, knowledge and values components of physical education. It targets the three different domains (psychomotor, cognitive and affective) through three learning areas of Physical Health and Fitness (PHF), Outdoor Education (OE) and Sports & Games (PA). They develop their mature performance so that they become confident participants by the time they leave secondary school.


Level Secondary One
Secondary Two
Secondary Three
Secondary Four  Secondary
Health &

Sec One PHF
Sec Two PHF/
Sec Three PHF
Sec One OE/
Sec One
Cohort Camp
Sec Two OE/
Sec Two
Cohort Camp
Sec Three OE/
Sec Three
Cohort Camp
- -
Physical Activity
(Sports & Games)

Basketball & Floorball  Badminton & Football  Softball, Touch
Rugby &
Handball &
Mini Tennis &
Swim Safer 2.0
- - -

SGSS Weight Management Programme

SGSS Weight Management Programme.png

  • To educate students on how to eat healthy through nutrition talks
  • To encourage students to exercise regularly by providing opportunity for students to participate in different types of sports and activities

  • The programme is conducted every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 am to 8 am. The lower secondary and upper secondary school overweight students will be led by our sports leaders and PE teachers respectively to participate in morning physical activities. Besides engaging the students through physical exercises, the students are also taught health education and nutrition in order to be equipped with knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.