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Learning is a walk of discovery, playing is the highest form of research.


The aim of the Science Education programme at St. Gabriel’s Secondary School (SGSS) is to

  • enthuse Gabrielites to learn, live and love Science
  • nurture Gabrielites to be inquirers and innovators that are steeped in values

The SGSS Science curriculum aligns itself to the MOE CPDD’s Science curriculum framework, which seeks to inculcate students with strong fundamentals in Science for life, learning, citizenry and work. With the three Ins – Inspire, Inquire, Innovate, as the vision of Science Education, the goals of Science Education are to:

a. Enthuse and nurture all students to be scientifically literate, so that they are able to make informed decisions and take responsible actions in their daily lives; and

b. Provide strong Science fundamentals for students to innovate and pursue STEM for future learning and work.


Central to the revised Science Curriculum Framework is the tagline Science for Life and Society, which is grounded in the three domains of

  • Core Ideas,
  • Practices, and
  • Values, Ethics and Attitudes in Science.

These domains are very important for an all-rounded Science Education to nurture students as inquirers.

The term Core Ideas refers to the fundamental ideas that are essential for the understanding of Science. The term Practices signals the importance of “Ways of Thinking and Doing in Science” and emphasises Science as a human endeavour guided by Values, Ethics and Attitudes embedded within society. In addition, teaching and learning involves not just the students and teachers but other partners who can facilitate learning in various contexts to help students appreciate the application of Science in their daily lives, society and the environment.


Lower Secondary Science

Our lower secondary science curriculum is an integration of all three sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and follows a thematic approach - diversity, models, systems and interactions. Through the 5E Inquiry approach, students are engaged in the Practices of Science, grounded in the knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by Science in daily life, society and the environment.SGSS also offers the Applied Learning Program (ALP) with specialisation in Aviation Science to lower secondary students to encourage the lifelong learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through Flight and Aerospace.

For more information on our ALP programme, please click here.

Upper Secondary Science

To cater to the interest and diverse abilities of Gabrielites, SGSS offers a variety of science combinations. We offer Pure Biology, Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics, Science (Physics/Chemistry), Science (Chemistry/Biology) and Science (Syllabus T) subjects.

Apart from the rigorous academic teaching and learning of science in the class, Gabrielites have opportunities to deepen their interest and learning through the following enrichment activities:

    • Aviation Programme e.g. Singapore Air Show
    • Cancer Bus Education
    • Kidney Health Education
    • Drone Odyssey Challenge (organized by Science Centre Singapore)
    • Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (organized by Science Centre Singapore and DSO Laboratories)

Modes of Assessment

Gabrielites are assessed through various modes e.g. project work, tests and practical to ascertain their learning and their ability to apply science concepts to various situations.

We also incorporate Assessment for Learning (AfL) in our daily lessons to build Gabrielites' understanding and provide timely feedback for continuous learning. To deepen the learning experience for excellence in Science, teaching strategies such as effective questioning, descriptive feedback and thinking routines are used.

The Science Team

Subject Head / Science
Ms. Cherina Low
Mr. Mario Chua

Mr. Nick ChowYear Headchow_yew_kai@moe.edu.sg
Mr. James PehHOD / T&Ljames_peh@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Ho Chung SingHOD / ICT ho_chung_sing@moe.edu.sg
Mrs. Chang Chin Ngan ST / Chemistryyip_chin_ngan@moe.edu.sg 
Mrs. Jean KohTeacherkoh_joo_kim_jean@moe.edu.sg
Ms. Joanne LimTeacherlim_shanrui_joanne@moe.edu.sg 
Mr. Joshua LeongTeacherleong_heng_wah@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Koh Keng WeeTeacherkoh_keng_wee@moe.edu.sg
Mrs. Mary StevensonTeachermary_magdalene_yong@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Sebastian GohTeachergoh_kok_ho@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Vincent KanTeacherkan_vincent@moe.edu.sg
Mr. Anthony TangTeachertang_chong_tong_anthony@moe.edu.sg
 Mr. S HaridassLab Technician-
 Ms. JamunaLab Technician-
Mdm. Hia Siew MengOSO-