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Information Communication Club


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The Club continues to push its boundaries – exploring advanced techniques in Audio Visual and Photography, striving constantly to sustain standards comparable to what industry professionals can provide. Members of the Infocomm Club have been winning praises from the school for the effort and commitment in rendering their service to the school.

As a CCA, we strive to do our best in every event that we are involved in as our motto states, Look Good, Sound Good. We hope to continue to give out best so that our audience have a memorable experience celebrating every occasion with the school.

Ms. Nur Syarmeen <nur_syarmeen_ehsan_ahmad@moe.edu.sg> Ext. 130
Ms. Khairunnisa <khairunnisa_binte_ismail@moe.edu.sg> Ext. 134
Mr. Sebastian Goh <goh_kok_ho@moe.edu.sg>

Training Schedule
For non-committee members:
Day: Friday
Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Venue: AVA Room/Computer Lab 1

For Exco-committee members:
Day: Friday
Time: 2.15pm to 6.00pm
Venue: AVA Room/Computer Lab 1

In addition to weekly training session on Fridays, Infocomm Club members (on rotational basis and rostered duties) are also required to be present for the following school programmes, events and rehearsals (if any):
Morning Assembly
CCE Assembly Programmes
CCA Fair
Welcome Mass
Secondary 1 Orientation Programme
Secondary 1 Campfire Night
Chinese New Year Celebrations (+ Rehearsals)
Mother Tongue Fortnight Events
Speech Day (+ Rehearsals)
Founder's Day
National Day Celebrations (+ Rehearsals)
Teachers' Day Celebrations (+ Rehearsals)

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