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Drama & Debate Society

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Established in 2015, the St. Gabriel’s Drama and Debate Society aims to provide a platform for students to develop their skills of acting, script writing, production management, debating, public speaking and many more.

We firmly believe in nurturing and grooming our students to discover their many talents. All secondary one students will go through a comprehensive one-year modular programme during which they will experience both Drama and Debate. At the end of the programme, students will specialise in their chosen area of interest.

In their four years that they spend with us, our members will develop into confident and articulate gentlemen who have the passion to realise their dreams and bring their artistic visions to life. At the end of their secondary school journey, we hope that every member will be able to advocate, influence and effect a lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people around them.

Ms Sathyapriya Paskaran
Ms Farah Zeeba 
Ms Priya D
Mrs Mary Stevenson

Training Schedule
Practice sessions in 2019 on:
  • Wed : 3.30 pm - 6pm (Secondary 1)
  • Fri            : 2.15pm - 5.30pm (Secondary 2 – 5)
  • Venue         : I&E room (Drama)
                              Language room (Debate)

Dates and timings are subject to change during Singapore Youth Festival/major debate tournament periods.

Achievements and Awards:
  • 2018
    • Human Values Drama Festival – Finalist/Winner of ‘Best Script Award’
    • Raffles U-14 Invitational Debate Tournament – Quarter-Finalist

  • 2017
    • SYF (Drama) – Certificate of Accomplishment
    • Singapore National Literature Festival (Choral reading) – Champion
    • Plain English Speaking Award – Semi-finalist

  • 2016
    • Human Values Drama Festival
    • Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships Div III - First Runner-up/Qualified for Div II
    • Division III Debating Championships – Overall Champion
    • Mock British Parliamentary Debate Tournament – Overall Champion


  • 2018
    • Speech Day Emcees/Choral Recital
    • Founder’s Day Video
    • Cyber-Bullying Assembly Programme for Citizenship & Character Education
    • Human Values Drama Festival
    • Debate Association Debating Championships
    • Raffles U-14s Debate Tournament
    • Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships

  • 2017
    • Singapore Youth Festival
    • Speech Day choral recital
    • National Day NS50 performance
    • Teachers’ Day performance
    • Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships
    • Singapore American School Friendly Debate Tournament

  • 2016
    • Speech Day video
    • National Day SG100 performance
    • Teachers’ Day video
    • Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships
    • Mock British Parliamentary Debate Tournament