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Our Framework

“Give me a place to stand and I can move the world”. – Archimedes

Guided by the school’s vision: The Gabrielite… a Servant Leader, Lifelong Learner and Gracious Citizen, the student outcome for each level state what we want our students to learn and attain in CCE, and to guide the development of the curriculum for CCE.

Student Framework.png Sec 4 & 5 Together we serve and inspire
Sec 3 Together we make a difference
Sec 2 Together we learn and grow
Sec 1 I seek continuous learning and growth

The CCE team, which comprises Values Education, Citizenship Education, Service and Leadership, CCA, together with Student Support and Student Management team, seek to provide an integrated, comprehensive curriculum, designed to support students in their growth and needs as well as provide opportunities for character and citizenship development. We aim to help Gabrielites acquire and live by values that guide them to make good choices, and develop positive attitudes and behaviour towards themselves, their families and the community at large.