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Service & Leadership


Our vision at St. Gabriel’s Secondary School is to see every Gabrielite become servant leaders, leading through serving the needs of others.

A Gabrielite servant leader exemplifies the School’s Values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, and Care. He knows and loves God, his friends, his school, the environment and his country. He is a role model who shows humility in his words and deeds, and motivates those around him through his actions and deeds. He is confident in his strengths and aware of his weaknesses, and is a lifelong learner who consistently takes steps to improve himself. He is gracious in helping others grow and develop. He empathizes with the needs of others, and is willing to go the extra mile to champion the right causes, in service to others.

The school takes a progressive approach in developing the leadership qualities in our students, with a tiered focus for each level: Self-Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Effective Leadership and Servant Leadership from Sec 1 to 4.

Approach to Student Leadership Development
Sec 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4 & 5
Self-Leadership Collaborative
Effective Leadership Servant Leadership
Leadership begins with me Together We Stand Together We Lead Together we Serve and Inspire
Developmental Platforms
(I) Service through Values-in-Action
Empathy for the Needy Advocate for a Green Environment Active Service in the Community Inspiring Others to be Servant Leader
(II) Leadership Practices through Experiences
Sec 1 LEAD Camp Sec 2 Adventure Camp Sec 3 OBS Camp Sec 4 & 5 STAR Camp
(III) Formal Leadership Roles
Class Leaders

School Prefects
CCA Leaders

For each of these level outcomes, students have several experiences to practice their skills and knowledge.

Values in Action (VIA)
Each level has a key service experience through Values in Action where their contributions impact the school, environment, community and nation.

Secondary One students will begin to understand that Self Leadership is for everyone, at their personal level, to know their strengths and areas for growth while empathizing with others. Secondary Two students will learn the importance of Collaborative Leadership as they work collaboratively in groups to apply the leadership practices in saving the environment. The Secondary Three students are expected to become confident leaders who are able to lead and serve others effectively in their various groups, seeing and serving the needs in the community. At Secondary Four/Five levels, students will inspire and grow others to be servant leaders.

Students are engaged in Service-Learning projects designed to impart our core values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Care as they identify and serve the needs of the school and community and also to bring about a habit of reflection in them.

Service-Learning Themes:
Sec 1: Our School
Sec 2: Our Environment
Sec 3: Our Community
Sec 4/5: Our Nation

Through service to others, we hope to inculcate in our students a strong sense of care so that they learn to appreciate the culture and the lives of others and to progress together as one nation. This is in line with our school’s mission: ‘Service to God and Nation’.

Minimum Service Hours:
Every student is expected to serve a minimum of 6 hours per year for involvement in community / school work organized within the school context. This involves services / activities initiated either by the school or students themselves.

Some of the key VIA projects that have been carried out in 2019 are the “Do The Mozzie Wipeout” event, food waste conversion to enzymes for cleaning, book recycling movement, terrarium making from recycled plastic bottles, TetraPak upcycling, Gabrielites Give Back (GGB), Lim Kopi initiative, engagements with homes such as and organisations such as Willing Hearts, SPCA, HCA Kang Le Hospice, to name a few, and collaborations with NEA, Braddell Heights CC, St. Gabriel’s Primary School, Happy Universe, Friends of the Disabled Society, and many more.

Groceries distribution at Lorong Lew Lian.jpg

Groceries distribution at Lorong Lew Lian. 3E4 has adopted this meaningful project from July onwards and will continue to serve the less privileged residents in the neigbourhood for the next few months

Both St. Gabriel Pri & Sec Sch raised awareness in the neighbourhood of Mozzie Wipeout campaign.jpg

Students from St. Gabriel's Primary and Secondary Schools joining forces to do the Mozzie Wipeout by raising awareness in the neighbourhood through distribution of pamphlets and NEA paraphernalia.

Prefectorial Board
The Prefectorial Board comprises of students leaders who seek to serve and inspire the student body. Our prefects serve as the voice of the student body, and come up with initiatives to ensure the well-being of all students are looked after. Prefects are given opportunities to lead and serve within the school, and are nurtured to become Servant Leaders, leading and inspiring the student body in living out our school values.

Prefects volunteering Boys Town Flag Day funds.jpg

Prefects spent a few hours volunteering for Boys Town Flag Day as part of their commitment towards serving others. This was done during their annual Prefects' Camp and proved to be a meaningful initiative for them as they helped to raise funds for the school

Outgoing Prefects posing infront of camera.jpg

Outgoing Prefects posing one last time for the camera after the Prefects' Investiture in April. Prefects have been the voice of the student mass and have always been wonderful servant leaders over the years.

Class, Sports and CCA Leaders
Students are also given the chance to take on leadership roles in the classroom and beyond. Suitable students will be appointed as Class Chairpersons/Vice-Chairpersons, Sports Leaders and/or even CCA Leaders upon meeting criteria as well as recommendations from teachers and selection panels.

Mr. Mohamed Fazlin
Miss Koh Shiew Cher
Mr Johnson Sim
Miss Siti Latifah
Mr Ivan Ng
Mr Joshua Leong
Mr Kelvin Lim