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MAD Fridays

Guided by the school’s vision: The Gabrielite… a Servant Leader, Lifelong Learner and Gracious Citizen, the student outcome for each level state what we want our students to learn and attain in CCE, and to guide the development of the curriculum for CCE.

Sec 1Self-Directed Learner
I seek continuous learning and growth
Sec 2Collaborative Learner
Together we learn and grow
Sec 3 Active Citizen
Together we make a difference
 Sec 4 and 5Servant Leader
Together we serve and inspire 

The CCE team seeks to provide an integrated, comprehensive curriculum, designed to support students in their growth and needs. CCE lessons are conducted on M.A.D. Fridays – the days when Gabrielites come together and Make A Difference. It is our hope that students will be equipped with good values, right skills and the confidence to live a full and meaningful life both within and beyond the school gate.
One of the highlights for this year is our inaugural Career/STEM Fiesta which was conducted on 30th May 2019, together with Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Aviation. 

Objectives of the Fiesta: 
(1) To allow Sec 3 students to be exposed to different career choices, their requirements and demands 
(2) To emplace St. Gabriel’s Secondary as a feeder school of choice for the aviation industry 
(3) To nurture future leaders and professionals to serve and develop Singapore into an aviation hub 
(4) To encourage lifelong learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through Flight and Aerospace

This event allowed our students to hear first hand and learn from practising professionals in their fields the kind of work they do, the requirements for getting into their line of work and also emphasize to them the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as a growing engine of the economy. Hopefully, through all these, the students will be able to better choose a professional career of their choice and liking.