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Quick Links (Parents & Partners)

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 National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP)

 Parent Engagement

Please view the videos via the links below to have a good sense about the Personal Learning Device Initiative for your child.

You would have received a letter titled “National Digital Literacy Programme” which gives you details about this initiative. Do watch these briefing videos before the Virtual Dialogue session regarding the implementation of Personal Device Learning Programme. 

Click here to watch the Virtual Dialogue session.
Resources for Parents

School Staff

ASKNLearn (LMS) Portal
Click on the link to access the ASKNLearn Portal

Parents Gateway

Parent Kit for Full Home Based Learning

MOE Parents in Education (PiE) website

Travel Declaration Guide for Parents Gateway

Parent's Support Group Website
MOE eGIRO Application for School and
Miscellaneous Fees

MOE FAS Application Form

Schemes Supporting Singaporean Student

Education and Career Guidance
ecareers.sg web portal )