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Student Support

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone. We would like to support our students and their caregivers as much as we can. 

1. HBL@School
Please use the form below to let us know if your son/ward needs the following support during this time of full home-based learning:

  • a computing device to do his home-based learning
  • internet access to do his home-based learning
  • counselling support (for students only)
  • a conducive HBL environment in school (approved only on a case by case basis)
  • meals at home during this period of home-based learning (for students only)

2. Financial Assistance

Should you require financial assistance, please consider applying for the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, which provides financial assistance to Singaporean students.

Application forms are available from the school General Office or via the link below:

Submit the completed forms, with as many supporting documents as possible, to our school’s General Office or via email stgss@moe.edu.sg

We will try our best to expedite the approval process especially during this Covid-19 situation.

3. Seeking Support In School
If you are struggling with a difficult situation and feel stressed as a result, you can always seek help from your form teachers or your respective Year Heads. They will be able to help you, or refer you to the school counsellor for further support if required.

Alternatively, you can also look for the School Counsellor, Mrs. Florence Loo (@3rd floor, between The Common Space room and the Library) directly if you feel privacy is a concern.

4. Seeking Support Outside School
Counselling Hotlines and Social Work Agencies that Offer Help to Youths:

Emergency Helpline (IMH) 6389 2222 (24h)
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800 - 2214444 (24h)
Touch line 1800 - 377 2252 
Touch Community Services
(Cyber Wellness Helpline)
6377 0122 / 6273 5568 
Youth line  6336 3434