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Student Support

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone. We would like to support our students and their caregivers as much as we can. 

1. HBL@School
Please use the form below to let us know if your son/ward needs the following support during this time of full home-based learning:

  • a computing device to do his home-based learning
  • internet access to do his home-based learning
  • counselling support (for students only)
  • a conducive HBL environment in school (approved only on a case by case basis)

2. Financial Assistance

Should you need help with support for meals at home for your son/ward during this period of home-based learning, please consider applying for the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, which provides financial assistance to Singaporean students from our school.

Application forms are available from the school General Office or via the link below:

Submit the completed forms, with as many supporting documents as possible, to our school’s General Office or via email stgss@moe.edu.sg

We will try our best to expedite the approval process especially during this Covid-19 situation.

Additional Support for MOE-FAS Students

To provide additional support for students on MOE FAS during this circuit breaker period, MOE will credit four weeks of meal subsidies via students’ School Smartcard.  They will receive $120 each via 2 top-ups of $60 spaced 2 weeks apart. 

Students can redeem their meal subsidies at any TransitLink Add Value Machine once every two weeks, starting from 14 April 2020. (Refer to pdf, pg 1 – 3)

This amount in the students’ School Smartcard can be used to purchase food and essential groceries at some hawker centres, food courts, minimarts, convenience stores and supermarkets.  (Refer to pdf, pg 4 - 8)

Recess@Home will now be part of this added support for school meals.  Students previously identified under Recess@Home will not receive the $85 via PayNow or bank transfer but they will now receive $120 credited via their School Smartcards.

3. Support for Computing Device

This programme offers students from low income households the opportunity to purchase a brand new computer at an affordable price. There are 2 schemes that students may apply for under this programme – the PC-Bundle Scheme and the iNSPIRE Fund Scheme.

Application forms and information on the application process can be found at https://www.imda.gov.sg/-/media/Imda/Files/Programme/NEU-PC-Plus/New-Application-Form-for-MOE-SPED-FAS.pdf or from the school. 

Previously each eligible household can only apply for one computer every 3 years, regardless of the total number of school-going children and/or household members who have permanent disabilities.

However IMDA has worked with our partners to adjust the NEU PC Plus programme to further support school-going children’s needs in this Covid-19 situation through the following enhanced provisions:

iNSPIRE Fund Gross monthly household income not exceeding $2,500 or per capita monthly income not exceeding $700

Endorsed records of community service in order to receive a fully-paid PC.
Gross monthly household income not exceeding $2,750 or per capita monthly income not exceeding $700. 
All students supported through the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme will qualify.

Community service requirements will be waived.

Broadband Fibre broadband at no charge Option of:

1. Fibre broadband at no charge

2. unlimited Mobile Broadband at no charge*

3. broadband only* for

*Students supported by MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS);

*Existing beneficiaries of NEU PC Plus who have co-paid for the PC-only previously.

*only available during COVID-19 period, which will be in accordance with announcement by the Government.

 PC One PC per household, regardless of the number of school-going children

Households with three or more school-going children may apply for a second subsidised PC.

4. Other Support

Here are other sources of support which may helpful during these current times:

Temporary Relief Fund: 
You can apply for the Temporary Relief Fund at your nearest Social Service Office (SSO) or Community Centre.  Applications will be processed faster if you complete the form before you apply in person.

CDC Student Meals Scheme:
Launched by the 5 Community Development Councils (CDCs), the CDC Student Meals scheme aims to help families with Primary and/or Secondary Schools children and living in rental units to defray the cost of buying meals during the circuit breaker period. 

Successful applicants will receive $55 worth of GrabFood e-vouchers credited into the Grab account of the handphone number provided. These vouchers are valid till 31 May 2020